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So my first day of the new year started off pretty well, but then like most of the days in my life something stupid always has to happen. My mom allows me to do one thing, but then decides to lecture me on something completely off topic. Sometimes I wish she wouldnt, I know what she doesnt like about todays world, and all the things it has to say, but I really dont care. She found out I smoked pot and she rants on me about it, yet she let me have drinks with my sister in the house. I swear when Im old enough, my education is well, have a job and money Im moving out. I cant take having her go on and on about how she thinks I act, she can never say she really even knows me. She doesnt know about any of the things I like, I lost all care for living in this stupid house with her and the rest of my family. There is really no point in me staying once I have the chance to leave. I know I havent had such a bad life like most people I know, but Im willing to change what I dont like to be happy. Im tired of relying on people for stupid little things, Im done taking orders and complaints. One day Im just gona get up and leave and I know I wont want to look back at them. I hate relying on human company, Im sick of it. The only thing that always ends up happening is your always let down by everyone weither they say they love you or not. I wish I didnt have feelings sometimes, but Im working on training my mind to stop my emotions, I dont want to feel anymore. Im just really tired of everything that hurts.

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