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So Ive been doing pretty good, I guess actually. My grades in school havent been the best and I know that for a fact. I didn't really do my best this semester of school, but when the new year comes I'll be sure to keep my self bussy with important things I have to do, rather than being lazy all the time. One thing I hope to do for the new year though, is to be a bit more social. I want to just go out into the world and show people that they can be happy, and calm and peacful. . . . well basically, I want to try and make people happy. I want to show my ideas to the world. I want to show the world whats on my mind in a way. So right now I'm trying to slowly start talking to more people. I dont want to not be so social, I want to be able to connect with people, in a way kinda. I dont know though, I guess its gonna be a work in progress.

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